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AGC Plasma Technology Solutions is helping inventors at universities, research institutes and small businesses to scale up and industrialize their innovative plasma technology.

We start with a joint development agreement

By working together and leveraging our engineering expertise in industrial installations and operational excellence, we can bring your concept to industrial scale. We advise you in the design and the optimization of the right equipment with the right specifications at the right cost to allow a reliable, cost-efficient and high quality (mass) production.

We typically start with a joint development agreement (JDA) and define the goals of the project and how success will look like. Together we verify the financial feasibility and the business case, create a timeline and set criteria for the key milestones. AGC Plasma Technology Solutions has the capabilities to assist in:


Proof of concept


Evaluation and validation


Design, development and prototyping


Installation and start-up


Optimization of productivity


Preventive maintenance and additional services

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