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With our experience in mass production of thin film coated glass products, we can help you make a quick and smooth transition from research to industrialization.

Developing industrial processes and building the equipment to deposit functional layers on variety of substrates by plasma technology is our mission.


Long-term experience in coating production


Latest developments and innovations


Access to demonstration lab of coating development and prototyping


In-house engineering experience and turn-key solutions


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AGC Plasma builds coater plant for the world’s largest telescope

AGC Glass Europe SA, through its business unit AGC Plasma Technology Solutions, has passed the factory acceptance test (FAT) of the coating plant that will apply the reflective coating on the mirror segments of the 39-meter M1 primary mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) currently under construction by the European Southern Observatory (ESO).


Are you looking for a solution to control coating thickness uniformity over large scale areas during the coating process?

Applications requiring superior coating uniformity over large areas can benefit substantially from the use of AGC’s Online Shimmable Magnet Bar (iOSMB) technology.


PlasmaMAX™: hollow cathode PECVD. Advanced high-rate PECVD technology for large area coatings

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions has revolutionized the paradigm for mass production of large area coatings with PlasmaMAX™ hollow cathode PECVD coating technology.


Our case studies

AGC Obeikan Glass

Magnetron sputtering equipment
Obeikan Glass Company

Building a state-of-the-art architectural coating plant for production of solar control glass in the Middle East.


Ion implantation equipment

A research institute with internationally recognized expertise in innovative materials development.

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