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This is the website of AGC Glass Europe SA, a company under Belgian law (hereinafter referred to as "AGC Glass Europe"), registered for VAT under the number BE 413.638.187 and with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0413.638.187.

Our postal address is: Avenue Jean Monnet 4, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 
telephone: +32 (0)2 409 30 00, 
email :




Access to and use of the AGC Glass Europe site are subject to the conditions set out below and the applicable laws.



AGC Glass Europe strives as far as possible to ensure that its services are accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

However, AGC Glass Europe may interrupt access, notably for reasons of maintenance and upgrading, or for any other reasons, specifically technical reasons.



AGC Glass Europe is under no circumstances liable for the interruptions mentioned under point A or the consequences which may arise from them for the user or any third party.

AGC Glass Europe offers no guarantee as to the accuracy or up-to-date status of the information presented on this site.

AGC Glass Europe is not liable for any damage or any temporary or permanent incident occurring to the user’s data or computer hardware when accessing the site, when working through its pages or in general during the transmission of the computer programs and files which compose the site on his receiving hardware. In particular, AGC Glass Europe is not liable for the potential transmission of any viruses via its site.

AGC Glass Europe is not liable for any damage which may arise from unauthorised intrusion into its computer systems and/or fraudulent use of its transmission mechanisms. It accepts no liability, notably in the event of any theft of data following an intrusion into its computer systems. However, AGC Glass Europe does use the appropriate methods to prevent illegal intrusions.




The structure, the layout and all the elements contained in this site are protected, in favour of AGC Glass Europe and/or its potential suppliers or partners, notably by the laws on (i) copyright and associated rights, (ii) the protection of computer programs, and (iii) databases. Users undertake not to breach the rights of AGC Glass Europe and/or its potential suppliers or partners.

Other names of products or companies mentioned on this site may constitute the brands of their respective owners. Users are not authorised to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, disseminate, represent, reproduce, publish, award under licence, transfer or sell any information, software, product or service obtained from this site, or to create works derived from the elements mentioned above, without the prior written consent of AGC Glass Europe.



Web spaces outside the domain of this site and notably the spaces to which users may be directed by means of hypertext links within the pages of this site remain the sole liability of the holders of those web spaces.

The point is that AGC Glass Europe cannot exercise any permanent control over those sites, or bear any liability as to their content. The insertion of such links does not mean that AGC Glass Europe approves the elements contained on those sites.

AGC Glass Europe thus takes no liability, notably with regard to the material, to the data of any kind whatsoever contained or disseminated on those web spaces to which users may be referred, or to any processing of personal data that may be conducted through them.




The processing of personal data relating to this site is subject to Belgian law (Law dated 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, modified by the law dated 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

Every time you visit our website, our server automatically recognises your domain of origin. It does not automatically detect your e-mail address.

We retain the following information when you visit our site:

- your domain (detected automatically as explained above);

- your e-mail address if you have given it to us, for example by sending messages or questions on that site, by communicating with us by e-mail, by participating in the discussion forums and by accessing the restricted part of the site subject to identification, etc;

- all of the information concerning the pages that you have consulted on our site;

- any information you have voluntarily given us (for example as part of enquiries for information and/or site registrations, requests, the use of our career module, or by accessing the restricted part subject to identification).

Such information is used for the following:

a. Sending requests for documents;
b. Sending promotional information on our products and services;
c. Answering your questions;
d. Sending you new products and services or with a view to appropriate direct marketing operations, specifically by e-mail;
e. Marketing purposes;
f. Drawing up statistics;
g. Contacting you quickly;
h. Better identifying your centres of interests;
i. Recruitment purposes.

In case d. your prior agreement to this purpose will be requested when your data are sent. If in the future you should no longer wish to be contacted (specifically by e-mail), all you need to do is contact us using one of the methods under I. above.

Moreover, any commercial communications which may be sent to you via e-mail messages will always show a link which you can simply click on to notify us that you no longer wish to receive promotional information from us.

The information is used only for internal purposes and is not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes, although we do reserve the right to pass it on to any company or entity in the group to which AGC Glass Europe belongs.

Appropriate security measures to protect against loss, misuse or the alteration of the information received on our site have been set in place.

We do not have any partnership or special relationship with any internet advertising agencies.

In accordance with applicable legislation, you have, upon request, the right of access to the information regarding you, as well as the right to correct any inaccuracies in this information. 
If you would like to exercise these rights, please contact us at the address mentioned above.

If you are of the opinion that our site does not comply with the present privacy policy, please contact our company at the address mentioned above.




On this site, we use cookies (a cookie is a little file sent by our server which is recorded on to your computer’s hard drive. It keeps track of the site you visit and contains a certain number of details about your visit). Our cookies are primarily designed to help the site to run (technical session cookies). We also use them  (1) for functional purposes, (2) for marketing purposes, and (3) to draw up statistics.

You can use the browser settings on your computer to remove cookies which are already in place and refuse to allow new cookies to be installed. The actual method will differ from one browser to another; if necessary, consult the help function on your browser. In addition, you can refuse most cookies installed when you use AGC websites, both individually and collectively, by going to This will also let you see which of the named cookies are active on your browser.

Refusing and/or removing cookies will mean that you will not always be able to make use of all the possibilities offered by a website. In addition, refusing/removing cookies only has consequences for the computer and browser on which you carry out that action. If you use more than one computer and/or browser, you need to repeat the above action(s) as often as necessary.

Technology is evolving. Our company might therefore have to carry out some processing operations which are not yet covered in this policy. 
AGC Glass Europe therefore reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time and to publish updated versions of the legal notice on its website. Should you have any enquiries on the use of your information after such update, please feel free to contact us by using the address mentioned above.




AGC Glass Europe reserves the right to take legal action in the event of a breach of the present conditions, with a view to obtaining redress for any damage it may suffer.

Subject to the imperative rules of international public and private law which govern the user, Belgian law governs the relations between AGC Glass Europe and the latter.

The courts of Brussels shall have sole competence.

However, AGC Glass Europe reserves the right to refuse any internet user access to part or all of its site, unilaterally and without prior notification, notably in the event of a manifest breach of the present conditions by an internet user.




Should any individual stipulation in the present conditions be ruled invalid or inapplicable, vis-à-vis the laws in force, such an invalid or inapplicable stipulation will be deemed to be replaced by a valid and applicable stipulation of which the content is as close as possible to that of the original stipulation, and all the other stipulations in the agreement will remain in force.

The present provisions reflect the whole of the agreements between the user and AGC GLASS EUROPE concerning this site, and they cancel and supersede all previous or contemporary communications and proposals, in electronic, written or oral form, between the user and AGC Glass Europe, concerning this site.

A printed version of the present provisions and any warning issued in electronic form will be accepted in any judicial or administrative procedure linked to this agreement, in the same way and under the same conditions as other commercial registers and documents created and conserved in printed form.

AGC Glass Europe reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and warnings by virtue of which this site is offered.



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