Offering innovative and clean solutions to deposit functional
nanolayers on a variety of substrates by leveraging our experience in
thin film coating technologies.

Sheet-to-Sheet Coaters

Large area coating of complex layer stacks on sheet material is enabled with AGC’s modular coater concept. The coater can combine multiple deposition technologies, based on (reactive) magnetron sputtering, PECVD, or evaporation for the deposition of metals, oxides, nitrides and carbides with unparalleled uniformity over the entire sheet. The coater is equipped with in-house designed linear deposition sources and advanced process control for the coating of flat and curved substrates. Both single-side and double-side coating are possible and depending on the application, either a vertical or horizontal set-up will be the preferred solution.

Our customers use the sheet-to-sheet coater to make high-quality products like architectural and automotive glass, cover screens for displays and LiDAR, touchscreens, and solar modules.

Roll-to-Roll Coaters

The roll-to-roll (R2R) coater is a versatile tool for thin film deposition on flexible substrates. Our customers are active in textiles, nonwovens, battery, polymer foils, metal coils, and thin glass. The fully-customizable platform enables the combination of magnetron sputtering, PECVD, evaporation, and in-situ metrology up to a substrate width of 3.2 meters.

A wide range of functionalities can be created with the roll-to-roll coater to make flexible substrates water repellent, hydrophilic, heat reflective, or conductive, or to optimize optical properties.

Custom Built Equipment

Sometimes the most sophisticated coating applications require more than the standard equipment. AGC custom built coaters leverage our expansive in-house network of engineers and designers to offer our customers tailored solutions for the most challenging specifications.

AGC custom built coating equipment is fully configurable and features an advanced range of hardware innovations, process control, and in-situ metrology for maintaining ultra-high vacuum levels. Our customers rely on our custom built coaters for some of the most important projects in the world, including the reflective mirror coatings for the largest optical telescope in the history of astronomy.

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