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Magnetron sputtering equipment

The horizontal coater

The horizontal coater is the standard tool for depositing low emissivity and solar control coatings on large area glass substrates up to 3.2 m wide for building sector. High throughput and superior coating uniformity are key to obtain a good color uniformity at the lowest cost of ownership.

The vertical coater

The vertical coater is used for demanding applications with stringent criteria for coating defects like pinholes. This technology is most mature for depositing electrically conductive layers like ITO (indium tin oxide) for the display industry and electrochromic devices.

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

PECVD is achieved by introducing reactive gases between parallel electrodes. By applying a medium frequency or pulsed voltage between the electrodes, the reactive gases are excited into a plasma and chemical reaction is initiated. This low temperature process can be used to deposit silicon oxide based layers for anti-reflective properties or as a barrier layer (anti-corrosion). High dynamic deposition rates can be reached with the technology developed by AGC Plasma Technology Solutions.

Ion beam implantation systems

Ion implantation equipment consists of an ion source, where ions of the desired element are produced and accelerated and are subsequently bombarding the substrate. This surface treatment to incorporate foreign elements into a surface are used in the semiconductor industry but also in the metallurgical industry to increase the hardness and corrosion resistance. We have developed the ion implantation equipment dedicated for the surface treatment (glass, sapphire, metals, polymers) and have been granted over 30 patents in this field.

Custom-built equipment for vacuum coating

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions’ team of physicists and engineers is experienced in scaling up pilot installations “from lab to fab”. The industrial equipment will be designed and conform to health and safety requirements standards.. It will be automated and advanced process controls will be integrated to allow an efficient operation with stable quality output.

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