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A cookie is a short text file, which the visited web page sends to your browser. It enables the website to track information about your visit, for instance preferred language and other settings. We can create better content for you thanks to access to this information. Cookie files are important. Website browsing would be much more complicated without them. 
Cookie files serve for a wide range of purposes. For example, we use them to store your safe search setting, to select relevant advertising, to track number of visits on a page, to make registration of new services easier and to protect your data..

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Use of cookie files

Use of cookie files serves for personalisation of content and advertising, for provision of social media functions and for analysis of your visits. We share information on how you are using the website with our partners active in the areas of social media, advertising and analyses.

By viewing this website you agree with gathering, sharing and use of data in consequence of your use of services provided by our website or website browsing.
You can decide, which cookies you want to give permission to. You are allowed to change this settings whenever you need. It’s very easy, just click on change cookie settings and choose the consent level.
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