Proof of Concept and Prototyping

By working together and leveraging our coating expertise, AGC Plasma Technology Solutions validates your innovative product concept by supporting prototypes and initial series production before bringing it to an industrial scale.

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions is an excellent partner for co-developing new coating solutions for optical, energy storage, and many other applications. A team of AGC coating experts is at your service to support the technology selection and process development. 

Proof of Concept and Prototyping

Accomplished research and process engineers first listen to your application requirements and business needs. They then begin the development process for a coating solution that meets your requirements. In the case of optical applications, the experimental phase might be preceded by a simulation step to predict and optimize the optical response of the coating stack.

Pilot coater lines able to process rigid and flexible 2D substrates are available at our Demonstration and Research Center in Lauenförde, Germany and at the AGC Technovation Centre in Gosselies, Belgium to develop new coating stacks for a range of substrates. The equipment includes magnetron sputtering, PECVD, and ion implantation. Other deposition technologies can be integrated in the demonstration tools if these are better suited for the customer’s requirement.

Accelerate your time to market and reduce financial and technical risk by

  • Leveraging the expertise of AGC’s coating experts
    Leveraging the expertise of AGC’s coating experts
  • Prototype to evaluate market response
    Prototype to evaluate market response
  • Initial series production with pilot lines that can be upscaled for mass production
    Initial series production with pilot lines that can be upscaled for mass production


We do not design standard products, but provide you with tailor-made solutions. You are provided the exact engineering services your project requires.

Are you looking for a designer and manufacturer of tailor-made vacuum coating machines?  The engineers and designers of AGC Plasma Technology Solutions ensure the highest degree of quality and functionality. The results are tailor-made solutions based on proven technology.


The feasibility of future upgrades and capacity expansion must always be considered during equipment design to be able to adapt to dynamic market requirements. AGC Plasma Technology Solutions equipment engineering therefore uses a modular approach with significant flexibility for upgrades with additional sources or vacuum chambers.

AGC's engineering department leverages simulation models to optimize conceptual proposals. Design verification of the vacuum vessels for structural strength under continuous and cyclical forces is an essential step in ensuring the reliability and safety of the installation. Performing earthquake analyses is a critical step if the installation is located in a seismically-active region.

Plasma and gas simulation tools are essential tools used by AGC to optimize coating uniformity during the design phase. This streamlines the fine-tuning process during the start-up of the installation.

Aim for the lowest cost of ownership of your industrial manufacturing equipment through

  • Customized equipment concepts
    Customized equipment concepts
  • Optimized energy consumption
    Optimized energy consumption
  • Advanced automation and data analysis software
    Advanced automation and data analysis software

Manufacturing, Installation and Start-Up

Turn-key and custom manufacturing and project execution.

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions has extensive experience in planning and executing large industrial construction projects. We provide expert management and supervision of all personnel and sub-contractor disciplines. Our approach is to closely partner with our clients to ensure that the project meets or exceeds their requirements and expectations for cost, safety, quality, and schedule.

We provide all the disciplines necessary to expertly handle all aspects of the project. Our construction expertise extends to piping, civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, and instrumentation. We have the capabilities to provide full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services as a turn-key project.

Manufacturing, Installation and Start-Up

Avoid excessive downtime when performing projects of any size by

  • One-stop shop solution
    One-stop shop solution
  • Intelligent project control
    Intelligent project control
  • Stringent quality assurance
    Stringent quality assurance

After Sales Services

Preventative maintenance contracts and remote support to minimize downtime of your installation.

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) after commissioning the equipment. The SLA can include additional training for machine operators to reduce the risk of equipment failure due to improper use or maintenance. By offering remote support, AGC Plasma Technology Solutions helps customers troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Smart glasses are provided, enabling remote assistance to support your frontline workers with real-time feedback and information from a distant expert.

After Sales Services

We guarantee original spare parts through AGC Plasma Technology Solutions or from our suppliers to make equipment repair quick and reliable.

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions delivers technical consulting and advises customers on technology upgrades to their installation. The focus of upgrades and retrofits is to ensure the continued operational reliability of the plant, to increase productivity, and to reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Optimize machine reliability with preventative and corrective maintenance services for

  • Increased life expectancy of the equipment
    Increased life expectancy of the equipment
  • Reduced equipment downtime
    Reduced equipment downtime
  • Reliable output and quality
    Reliable output and quality

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