We will be your partner to bridge the gap between R&D and mass production by providing access to our pilot coater lines and material characterization equipment to make the proof of concept. We will reduce the time to develop and make the most economical and efficient production process. We will build your plant and ramp-up its production.

Product development and prototyping

Pilot coater lines for magnetron sputtering, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and ion implantation are available in our demonstration and research centers in Lauenförde, Germany and in the R&D center in Gosselies, Belgium to develop new coating stacks for all types of substrates. The team of material scientists characterize the coatings with the most advanced material characterisation techniques (SEM, Tof SIMS, XPS, IR, fluo X, X-ray diffraction, DSC, TGA, AFM, …) and evaluate their functional requierements and durability (mechanical, chemical, accelerated aging).

Process development and optimization

We are ready to take the challenge to scale up your pilot plasma installation towards an industrial installation. The engineering team has access to in-house software packages  for process simulation, e.g. magnetic field simulation which is key to assure the uniformity and homogeneity of the surface treatment. Total cost of ownership, maintainability, quality assurance and manufacturability are on top of our minds beside highest performance level.

Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning contracts

We take full responsibility for the project management including the design, selection, purchase, assembly, commissioning and start-up of a turnkey vacuum plasma process line with integrated process controls.

Upgrade and retrofits

We deliver technical consulting and advise our customers on technology upgrades to their installation. The main focus of the upgrades and retrofits is to assure the operational reliability of the plant, to  increase the productivity and to reduce the total cost of ownership. We are open to discuss preventive maintenance contracts as well as “hotline services” to minimize downtime of your installation.

Thin film coating services

• Plasma diagnostics

• Magnetic field simulation software

• Uniformity optimization

• Expert systems (advanced process control)

• Coating defect analysis and material characterization

• Vacuum checking (leak checking of end blocks, process chambers)

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