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Building a state-of-the-art architectural coating plant for the production of solar control glass in the Middle East.

About project

Building a state-of-the-art architectural coating plant in the Middle East.

Client situation

Obeikan Glass Company (OGC), a Saudi Arabian glass manufacturer, operates the Middle East’s largest float glass plant with an 800 tonne production capacity per day. The company produces excellent quality clear float glass with a global standard of excellence, serving the Middle East market and exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide. To be able to extend its product range, OGC searched for a partner to manufacture energy efficient coated glass. OGC approached AGC Glass Europe with their team of AGC Plasma Technology Solutions.

The suggestion of solution

AGC and Obeikan Glass Company entered in a MoU to build an architectural coating line for the production of solar control glazing. The coatings to be produced have been developed in the AGC Technovation Center (ATC) in Gosselies, Belgium and the transfer of technology towards the production line is managed by the coating experts of AGC.


Obeikan Glass Company and AGC Glass Europe have created a joint-venture, AGC Obeikan Glass. The team of AGC Plasma Technology Solutions has designed and built a magnetron sputtering coater, and since then operates and maintains this coating line. AGC Obeikan Glass manufactures high-performance coated glass products for comfort and energy control, the result of the latest technologies, in a state-of-the-art facility in Yanbu, KSA.

What have we achieved?

The team of AGC Plasma Technology Solutions has developed and built the most technically-advanced magnetron sputtering coater in the world. Development and production of high-performance coated glass for the Middle East and North Africa construction market.


sputtering positions

Biggest coater in terms of the volume of sputtering positions within AGC Group


million m² yearly production capacity

One of the latest and most technically advanced coater in the world


customer-focused employees

Production and operation managed by AGC Plasma Technology Solutions

How does the client evaluate our solution?

The alliance between AGC and Obeikan represents a unique opportunity to develop local production and commercial presence aimed at offering high-performance glass solutions to the most recent norms and building trends.

The coater in use has been designed and manufactured according to the AGC most advanced design and technology. It is fully benefiting from AGC expertise in terms of product development, respect of norms and standards and operational excellence. AGC Technovation Center monitors the quality of all coated glass manufactured on the Yanbu coater to ensure that they meet European and international standards.

The joint venture brings to the market outstanding products for solar control, high-performance and spectrally selective glass products. I am proud to say that AGC Obeikan Glass is leading the future of high-performance coated glass in the Middle East and North Africa construction sector by combining AGC knowledge and expertise with diligence and dedication of our employees.

Abdulmonem Al Harbi CEO of AGC Obeikan Glass

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