MateriaNova Ion implantation equipment

A research institute with internationally recognized expertise in innovative materials development.

About project

Scaling up a new surface treatment from “lab to fab”.

Client situation

MateriaNova is a materials research and development center by University of Mons, located in Belgium. It is an institute with internationally recognized expertise in innovative materials development. The center has two domains of expertise - polymer and composites science and surface treatments with a focus on plasma technology. The center lacked a partner to industrialize their recent developments.

The suggestion of solution

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions will offer the design and realisation of mass production equipment once suitable industrial applications can be identified.


MateriaNova and AGC Plasma Technology Solutions are developing the ion implantation technology further as an effective anti-reflective treatment on sapphire and glass. In parallel, they are at the forefront of the realization of a demonstration center for this innovative surface treatment technology. This will support the accessibility to the technology for industrial demonstration.

What have we achieved?

An industrial platform for ion implantation called Walibeam has been created with the support of the Walloon region and FEDER, European funding. The Walibeam consortium is currently supported by AGC Glass Europe, Ionics, Graux and CRM. It receives a lot of interest from several other industrial majors in the fields of surface treatment of glass, metals and polymers. This platform will host an exceptional set of industrial pilot installations that will allow to make prototyping and have a proof of concept before scaling up to a mass production scale.

How does the client evaluate our solution?

“The industrial experience and the know-how in plasma processes makes AGC the ideal partner for bringing new technologies to the industry. AGC supports the promotion of the technology as a partner in the Walibeam consortium and can act as the integrator of this technology in mass production lines.”

Luc Langer CEO of MateriNova

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