John Chambers on PECVD technology in the spring edition of the Society of Vacuum Coater Magazine

Check out this featured article on hollow cathode PECVD by AGC’s John Chambers in the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) Spring 2020 Bulletin.

Compared with traditional PVD magnetron sputtering, AGC’s industry-first hollow cathode PECVD vacuum coating technology (PlasmaMAX™) for large area jumbo glass allows dramatically higher deposition rates and production throughputs in the manufacture of architectural and automotive glass coatings. Through its industrial coatings unit AGC Plasma Technology Solutions, AGC is now leveraging this new technology platform to innovate solutions not only for glass processing, but also for new markets  outside glass with increasingly complex functionality like flexible displays, technical textiles, and aerospace. 

Please enjoy the digital version of the SVC 2020 Spring Bulletin!

SVC 2020 Spring.jpg

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