Large area anti reflective coating manufacturing at the lowest cost of ownership

Innovative PVD and PECVD technology for anti reflective coating manufacturing

AGC Plasma is continuously working on further improving the vacuum plasma coating technology and 3 important improvements are discussed in this presentation:

  • First, the online shimmable magnet bar has been discussed. It is a flexible tool to correct the coating thicknesses during the sputtering process without the need to go to atmospheric conditions.
  • Second, the PlasmaMAX source has been discussed, a high rate PE CVD source for depositing thick SiO2 layers at low temperatures with minimal internal stresses. This source opens huge possibilities for the deposition of other oxides and nitrides by changing precursor material and process gases.
  • Third, the ion implantation technology for making anti reflective treatment of glass surfaces with superior angular stability and no additional absorption has been explained.

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