Custom Built Equipment

When off-the-shelf equipment cannot meet the specific requirements of a coating process, custom-built solutions become essential.

AGC Plasma's expertise in innovating high vacuum coating systems leads to customized solutions tailored specifically for specialized applications. This process may entail the development of customized vacuum chambers, deposition sources, and substrate handling mechanisms meticulously optimized to suit your unique requirements. We specialize in translating your product property needs into highly efficient and competitive coating solutions designed specifically for your individual needs.


  • The equipment layout begins with a conceptual drawing  that is then followed by a detailed engineering phase, which can be supplemented by numerical simulations if needed
  • Opportunity for the development and optimization of the coating stack using the pilot lines at the demonstration center
  • Sophisticated monitoring and control functionalities, offering real-time data and automation capabilities that improve process control and consistency
  • User-friendly software program to facilitate the operation of the coating equipment
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Remote access for quick troubleshooting by AGC support team

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