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The lab-scale Sheet-to-Sheet coating system is a versatile and customizable platform that is designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers in the development of new coating products. The system can accommodate a wide range of substrates and applications, including both flat and curved substrates up to a size of 40 cm x 40 cm.

To optimize throughput, the system can be equipped with a separate exit lock and/or a buffer lock between the load chamber and the process chambers. This allows for more efficient processing and minimizes downtime between batches.

The system is designed for easy upscaling, using the same key components as the production-scale coating system. This allows researchers to easily transition from lab-scale development to full-scale production without the need for extensive retooling or retraining.


  • Development of complex stacks using a dynamic deposition process
  • Planar and rotatable cathodes for magnetron sputtering with possibility of co-sputtering
  • PECVD module with chemical cabinet and exhaust gas treatment available
  • Horizontal and vertical coating set-ups
  • Base pressure down to 10-7 mbar
  • Substrate heating available

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