R&D tool

Suitable for the development of new layer systems and coating technologies, and for performing proof of concept and feasibility studies. The web coater is used to test and coat customer-specified polymer substrates, flexible metal foils, and textiles. 

The tool is designed for universities and R&D centers active in flexible electronics, transparent conducting electrodes, new battery materials, and other fast-growing industries.


  • Easy scale-up of coating technologies to large web widths and high web speeds
  • Combination of different coating technologies for wide range of coatings
  • In-line pre-treatment
  • Cooled drum prevents film degradation during coating deposition
  • In-situ metrology for contactless layer resistance measurement and spectral reflectometry
  • Residual gas analysis (RGA) and plasma diagnostics ensure optimal process control and reproducibility
  • Substrate width between 100 mm and 300 mm and coating speed between 0.1 and 100 m/min

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