Semi-industrial line for small series production

The pre-industrial Roll-to-Roll platform is capable of producing a broad range of coatings on flexible substrates with a combination of rotatable and/or planar magnetrons and PECVD sources. The machine can be used as a pilot coater or a small-scale manufacturing tool to produce Low-E and solar control coatings for window films, conductive ITO films, thin-film solid state battery materials, and even flexible printed circuits.


  • Coating speed between 0.1 and 25 m/min
  • Plasma pre-treatment and IR-heating for accelerated de-gassing
  • Temperature-controlled coating drum (-15 to +80°C)
  • Turbomolecular pumps and cold traps for high-vacuum processes
  • In-situ layer measurement systems
  • Compact footprint for minimal floorspace requirement
  • Low particle generation and superior thickness uniformity

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